Hin, Remco (Ph.D. 2013, ETH Zurich)
Chemical and isotopic evolution of planetary bodies during their formation and differentiation
left on: 2023-05-01
new address: Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche - IGAG P/O Università di Milano
Dipartimento di Sciencze della Terra Ardito Desio
Via Mangiagalli 32
20133 Milano
email: remco.hin(at)igag.cnr.it
Melai, Caterina (M.Sc. 2017, Bayreuth)
Fractionation processes affecting volatile-bearing fluids and melts in the deep mantle
left on: 2023-03-31
new address: Trinity college Dublin
Department of Geology
Museum building
Dublin 2
email: melaic(at)tcd.ie
Tang, Hu (Ph.D. 2018, Yanshan University)
High-temperature and high-pressure synthesis hard and superhard materials
left on: 2023-02-28
new address:
Fei, Hongzhan (Dr. rer. nat. 2013, Bayreuth)
Electrical conductivity of mantle minerals; mineral physics; rheology in the Earth's interior
left on: 2023-01-31
new address: Fei, Hongzhan
Zhejiang University
School of Earth Sciences
Zijingang Campus
866 Yuhangtang Road
310058 Hangzhou
email: feihongzhan(at)live.cn
Posner, Esther (Dr. rer. nat. 2017, Bayreuth)
Transport and elastic properties of minerals and melts at high pressure
left on: 2023-01-07
new address:
Abeykoon, Sumith (M.Sc. 2018, Bayreuth)
Oxybarometry and thermobarometry based on accessory phases
left on: 2022-12-31
new address: Abeykoon, Sumith
Research Center Pétrographiques et Géochimiques (CRPG)
15 rue Notre Dame des Pauvres
54500 Vandœuvre lès Nancy
Schulze, Hubert
left on: 2022-11-30
new address:
Putak Juricek, Marija (M.Sc. 2016, Zagreb)
Behaviour of water in the upper mantle
left on: 2022-08-30
new address: Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
Department of Mineralogy
Goldschmidtstraße 1
37077 Göttingen
Vlasov, Kirill (M.Sc. 2018, Moscow)
Electrical conductivity of upper mantle and crustal fluids
left on: 2022-06-30
new address: University of Bristol
School of Earth Sciences
Wills Memorial Building
Queens Road
BS8 1RJ Bristol
United Kingdom
email: kirill.vlasov(at)bristol.ac.uk
Liu, Siqi (M.Sc. 2017, Beijing)
Fluids, partial melting and metal transport in the mantle
left on: 2022-05-31
new address:

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