28985 Seminarreihe: Experimentelle Geochemie und Geophysik

Sommersemester 2023

Bayerisches Geoinstitut, 2. Stock, Seminarraum Nr. 4.2.03



16.00 s.t.

"Galactic evolution of planet-forming nuclides expressed in terrestrial exoplanet geodynamics"

Stephen Mojzsis (Research Centre for Astronomy and Earth Sciences Budapest)


16.00 s.t.

"The growth mechanism of the Eastern Tibetan plateau revealed by the high resolution 3D seismic velocity and anisotropy"

Chuntao Liang (Chengdu University of Technology)


16.00 s.t.

"The Origin of Abiotic Organic Compounds in the Deep Earth: Constraints from Petrological Observations and High-Pressure Experimental Simulations"

Chao Wang (IPGP Paris)


16.00 s.t.

"Mantle melting of Earth and Mars at high pressure and high temperature: From magma ocean crystallization to the formation of large igneous provinces"

Rémy Pierru (Sorbonne Université)


16.00 s.t.

"Meteorites from Morocco, Science, Geoheritage and Outreach"

Prof. Hasnaa Chennaoui Aoudjehane (Hassan II University Casablanca)


10.00 s.t.

"Al-Si interdiffusion under lower mantle conditions. Analytical TEM study of Al-bearing bridgmanite"

Laura Czekay (Bayerisches Geoinstitut); S88, Vortrag Doktorprüfung


13.00 s.t.

"Electrical resistivity of liquid Fe-S-Si alloys at high pressures with implications for heat flux through the cores of Vesta, lo and sub-Earth exoplanets"

Eric Lenhart (University of Western Ontario)


16.00 s.t.

"What color is the mantle? Spectroscopy meets Geodynamics"

Sergey Lobanov (GFZ Potsdam)


16.00 s.t.

"The early geodynamic evolution of the Earth: new clues from novel isotope systems"

Carsten Münker (Universität Köln)


13.00 s.t.

"Long-term thermo-chemical evolution of Earth's mantle"

Maxim Ballmer (University College London)


16.00 s.t.

"Planetary differentiation studied by in situ time-resolved X-ray diagnostics"

Guillaume Morard (Uni Grenoble Alpes)


16.00 s.t.

"At the limits of glass formation: exotic magmas and novel glass-ceramics"

Alessio Zandona (National Research Council of Italy)


15.00 s.t.

"Constraining the chemical and mineralogical composition of Earth's lower mantle through high-pressure crystallography and mineral elasticity"

Giacomo Criniti (Bayerisches Geoinstitut), Vortrag Doktorprüfung


16.00 s.t.

"An anomalous layer atop Mars’ core: insights from thermoelastic properties of liquid Fe-rich alloys"

Dongyang Huang (ETH Zürich)


16.00 s.t.

"Our Astrochemical Origins"

Paola Caselli (Max-Planck-Institut für extraterrestrische Physik)