The scientific aims of the BGI research involve pursuing and developing experimental high-temperature/high-pressure research in the fields of mineralogy, petrology, geochemistry and geophysics. Investigations on the structure, composition, and dynamics of the Earth's interior give a more complete understanding of conditions of rock forming processes.

The research fields cover a broad range of subdisciplines of the experimental geosciences including the formation of the Earth's core and the mantle in the early stages of the evolution of the Earth, processes in subducting lithospheric slabs, dynamics of volcanic eruptions and their emissions in the atmosphere, and the transport of heavy metals in supercritical fluids.

Despite the global dimensions of many problems the basis of the research is an understanding of the relevant physico-chemical states and processes, often on a microscopic or mesoscopic scale. Although this research is deeply rooted in the solution of fundamental problems, in the long run it is highly relevant to mankind because it bears, for example, on such diverse issues as the origin of deep-focus earthquakes, risk assessment for volcanic eruptions, natural concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, and the formation of ore deposits.

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