There is an hourly train service to Bayreuth from the south (from Nuremberg) and from the north (via Lichtenfels, Neuenmarkt-Wirsberg). From Nuremberg (Nürnberg) railway station ("Hauptbahnhof") trains leave for Bayreuth from 05:48 to 00:12 every day of the week. But be careful: Sometimes, there are two or three trains coupled together which will later be split and only one of them will go to Bayreuth. Usually, it is marked on the platform and it should also be displayed electronically inside the train. If in doubt, ask the conductor (most people in Germany understand some English). Train fare for single train fare is € 16.10 (April 2008).

Other trains reach Bayreuth from the north via Lichtenfels on the railway line section between Wuerzburg and Hof. Trains leave Lichtenfels between 04:36 and 23:23 every work day of the week. Be careful: different train units may be bound for Hof or Bayreuth.

For details please see German Train service

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