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4.5 Scientific conferences organized by/with assistance of Bayerisches Geoinstitut

Short Course "High-Pressure Experimental Techniques and Applications to the Earth's Interior", Bayreuth, Germany (R.J. ANGEL, S.J. MACKWELL, D.C. RUBIE and S. KEYSSNER)
Participation in ACHEMA 2000, Frankfurt, International Congress and Exhibition, (F. SEIFERT and S. KEYSSNER)
High-Pressure/High-Temperature/EU TMR-LSF Users Workshop, Bayreuth, Germany (D.C. RUBIE and S. KEYSSNER)
Symposium on "Subduction Zone Processes", Goldschmidt 2000, Oxford, UK (J. BLUNDY, C. HAWKSWORTH and D.C. RUBIE,)
Short course on impact metamorphism, Nördlingen, Germany (A. DEUTSCH, S. HEUSCHKEL, F. LANGENHORST, G. PÖSGES)

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