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Foreword / Vorwort
1. Advisory Board and Management
1.1 Advisory Board
1.2 Leadership
2. Staff, Funding and Facilities
2.1 Staff
2.2 Funding
2.3 Laboratory and office facilities
2.4 Experimental equipment
3. Forschungsprojekte - Zusammenfassung in deutscher Sprache
3. Research Projects
3.1 Physical and Chemical Properties of Solids
a. Structure and elasticity of (Mg,Fe)O (S.D. Jacobsen, H.-J. Reichmann, H.A. Spetzler, S.J. Mackwell, J.R. Smyth, R.J. Angel and C.A. McCammon).
b. Experimental study of the deformation behaviour of magnesiowüstite (I. Stretton, F. Heidelbach and S.J. Mackwell)
c. Mechanical and textural behaviour of magnesiowüstite Mg0.8Fe0.2O deformed to high shear strains (F. Heidelbach, I. Stretton and S.J. Mackwell)
d. Deformation of transition zone minerals in the multianvil press (S. Karato, J.D Lawlis, D. Yamazaki, K.-H. Lee, D.J. Frost andD.C. Rubie)
e. Slip systems in shear deformed wadsleyite (P. Cordier and D.J. Frost, in collaboration with E. Thurel/Lille and S.I. Karato/Minneapolis)
f. Deformation and plasticity of Mg2SiO4 ringwoodite (P. Cordier, in collaboration with E. Thurel/Lille)
g. Thermal diffusivity measurements of olivine and its polymorphs at high pressure and temperature (Y.S. Xu, D.C. Rubie and F. Langenhorst, in collaboration with T.J. Shankland/Los Alamos)
h. Diffusion in olivine at high pressure (C. Holzapfel, D.C. Rubie and D.J. Frost, in collaboration with S. Chakraborty/Bochum)
i. High-temperature deformation of dry dunite (S.J. Mackwell, in collaboration with P. Chopra/Canberra)
j. H2O distribution in the upper mantle: Constraints from experimental measurement of compressional wave velocity in talc at high temperature and pressure (E. Bailey, in collaboration with J.R. Holloway/Tempe)
3.2 Crystal Chemistry and Phase Transformations
a. Crystal chemistry of oxygen deficient perovskites in the system CaSiO3 - CaFeO2.5 (U.W. Bläß, D.J. Frost, F. Langenhorst, C.A. McCammon and F. Seifert)
b. Neutron diffraction study of displacive phase transitions and strain analysis in Fe-doped CaTiO3 perovskites at high temperature (A.I. Becerro and F. Seifert, in collaboration with S.A.T. Redfern and M.A. Carpenter/ Cambridge, and K.S. Knight/Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Chilton)
c. Strain analysis of phase transitions in (Ca,Sr)TiO3 perovskites (M.A. Carpenter/Cambridge, in collaboration with A.I. Becerro and F. Seifert)
d. Crystal-chemical controls on high-pressure phase transitions in clinopyroxenes (T. Boffa-Ballaran, R.J. Angel and C.S.J. Shaw, in collaboration with N.L. Ross/Blacksburg)
e. Magnetic properties of P21/c (Mg-Fe)SiO3 pyroxene (C.A. McCammon, in collaboration with S. Eeckhout, E. De Grave and R. Vochten/Ghent and A. Lougear, M. Gerdan and A. Trautwein/Lübeck)
f. Short - range order parameter associated with the P21/m « C2/m phase transition in cummingtonite (T. Boffa-Ballaran and C.A. McCammon, in collaboration with M.A. Carpenter/Cambridge)
g. High- pressure behaviour of lawsonite (T. Boffa-Ballaran and R.J. Angel)
h. ELNES study of new diamond-structured B-C-N compounds (F. Langenhorst, in collaboration with V. Solozhenko/Kiev)
i. Phase transformations during firing of archeological ceramics from Leptimus (modern Tunisia) (C.A. McCammon, in collaboration with B. Sherriff, S. Johnston and L. Anthony/Winnipeg)
3.3 Geochemistry
a. Partitioning of Re and Os between liquid metal and magnesiowüstite at high pressure (S. Fortenfant, D.C. Rubie, and J. Reid, in collaboration with C. Dalpe/Bristol, C.K. Gessmann/ Mainz and F. Campas, J. L. Birck/Paris)
b. Oxygen fugacity dependence of osmium solubility in haplobasaltic melt at one bar: a study using the stirred crucible technique (S. Fortenfant, D.B. Dingwell, and D.C. Rubie, in collaboration with F. Campas and J.L. Birck/Paris)
c. Effect of sodium metasilicate on W and Mo solubilities in anorthite-diopside melt at 1 bar and 1400°C (S. Fortenfant, D.B. Dingwell, and D.C. Rubie)
d. Kinetics of metal-silicate equilibration during formation of the Earth's core (D.C. Rubie, S. Fortenfant, C. Holzapfel, D.J. Frost and F. Langenhorst, in collaboration with C.K. Gessmann/Mainz)
e. Diffusion modelling of garnet zoning: Tso Morari eclogite, Indian Himalaya (P.J. O'Brien, in collaboration with H. Sachan/Dehra Dun, India)
f. TEM investigation of Al-rich phases formed in basaltic compositions at lower mantle pressures and temperatures (N. Miyajima, F. Langenhorst and D.C. Rubie, in collaboration with K. Hirose/Tokyo, K. Oguri and T. Yagi/Kashiwa)
g. Fe/Mg partition coefficients for synthetic (Mg,Fe)(Si,Al)O3 perovskite/ (Mg,Fe)O ferropericlase assemblages determined using EELS and the electron microprobe (S. Lauterbach, C.A. McCammon, F. Langenhorst and F. Seifert, in collaboration with P.A. van Aken/ Darmstadt)
h. Fe/Mg partitioning between (Mg,Fe)(Si,Al)O3 perovskite and (Mg,Fe)O inclusions in diamond (C.A. McCammon, in collaboration with T. Stachel/ Frankfurt and J. Harris/Glasgow)
i. Fe-Mg partitioning between transition zone and lower mantle minerals. (D.J. Frost and F. Langenhorst, in collaboration with P.A. van Aken/ Darmstadt)
j. Oxidation during metasomatism and implications for diamond preservation (C.A. McCammon, in collaboration with W. Griffin/Sydney, S. Shee/South Yarra and H. O'Neill/Canberra)
k. Melting phase relations of mantle peridotite between 21 and 24 GPa (D.J. Frost and C.A. McCammon, in collaboration with R. Tronnes/Reykjavik)
l. Liquidus phase relations for chondrite meteorite between 16 to 25 GPa: Implications for alkali fractionation in the primitive Earth (D.J. Frost, in collaboration with M. Chen and A. El Goresy/Mainz)
m. Discovery of high-pressure minerals in the Martian basalt Zagami: clues to the mineralogical complexity of planetary mantles (F. Langenhorst and J.-P. Poirier)
3.4 Fluids and their Interaction with Melts and Minerals
a. Effect of pressure on the solubility of hydrogen in magnesiowüstite up to 25 GPa (N. Bolfan-Casanova, H. Keppler, D.C. Rubie and S.J. Mackwell)
b. Ordering of hydroxyl defects in hydrous wadsleyite (ß-Mg2SiO4) (S.C. Kohn, R.A. Brooker, D.J. Frost, A.E. Slesinger and B.J. Wood)
c. Hydrous silicate spinelloids and the hydration state of the mantle (J.R. Smyth and D.J. Frost)
d. Kinetics of hydration/dehydration of mantle olivine (S. Demouchy and S.J. Mackwell)
e. Kinetics and mechanisms of brucite dehydration (F. Langenhorst and F. Seifert, in collaboration with P.A. van Aken/Darmstadt)
f. Complete miscibility between pegmatitic melts and water: direct observation and possible consequences (J.R. Sowerby and H. Keppler)
g. In-situ study of high-pressure and high-temperature bubble growth in melts (C. Martel and H. Bureau)
h. Effects of pressure and temperature on aqueous carbonate fluids (N. Zotov and H. Keppler)
i. Determination of element distribution between fluid phase and melt using synthetic fluid inclusions in glass (B. Schäfer and D.B. Dingwell, in collaboration with D. Günther, R. Frischknecht and H. Cousins/ ETH Zürich)
3.5 Melt Physics and Chemistry
a. Equation of state of molten Fe-S: Relevance for core dynamics in planetary bodies (P.S. Balog and R.A. Secco/London, Ontario, in collaboration with D.C. Rubie and D.J. Frost)
b. Self diffusion in liquid iron (David Dobson)
c. Electrical conductivity of naturally-occurring melts and other materials at high pressures (J.A. Tyburczy/Tempe, in collaboration with B.T. Poe)
d. The determination of silicate liquid viscosity at high pressure: recent developments and results (J.E. Reid, B.T. Poe, D.C. Rubie and D.J. Frost in collaboration with Y. Wang/Chicago, E. Ohtani, A. Suzuki/Sendai; and K. Funakoshi/Hyogo)
e. Rare gas solubility in silicate melts at very high pressures (B.C. Schmidt and H. Keppler)
f. Solubility mechanisms of water and boron in albite glasses (B.C. Schmidt and N. Zotov, in collaboration with R. Dupree/Warwick)
g. Thermodynamic properties of alkali silicate glasses - comparison of experiment and calculations (N. Zotov)
h. Short-range order of Ni in silicate glasses: EXAFS study (N. Zotov and J. Sowerby)
3.6 Magma Dynamics and Volcanic Processes
a. Experimental simulation of the ascent of Soufriere Hills magma (Montserrat, W.I.) (C. Martel and B.C. Schmidt)
b. The origin and significance of peridotite clasts in clinopyroxenite xenoliths from the West Eifel Volcanic Field, Germany (C.S.J. Shaw)
c. Petrogenetic links between veined peridotite and megacrysts from the West Eifel Volcanic Field, Germany (C.S.J. Shaw, in collaboration with J. Eyzaguirre/London, Canada)
d. Dissolution of quartz in melts of the CMAS system: effects of silica activity on the dissolution rate and mechanism (C.S.J. Shaw)
3.7 Methodological Developments
a. Progress on shear waves in the diamond anvil cell: Construction of a sapphire conversion buffer rod for GHz-ultrasonic interferometry (S.D. Jacobsen, H.A. Spetzler, H.-J. Reichmann, J.R. Smyth, R.J. Angel, H. Schulze and G. Herrmannsdörfer in collaboration with K. Müller and H. Ohlmeyer/Bayreuth)
b. An opposed anvil type high-pressure and high-temperature apparatus using sintered diamond (T. Yagi, D.J. Frost and D.C. Rubie)
c. Tailoring sphere density for high-pressure physical property measurements on liquids (R.A. Secco and H. Schulze, in collaboration with R.F. Tucker, S.P. Balog and M.D. Rutter/London, Ontario)
d. Using in-situ complex impedance spectroscopy to characterize the development of phase transformations (B.T. Poe, in collaboration with C. Romano/Rome)
e. New solid-state NMR results (M. Bechmann, S. Dusold, X. Helluy and A. Sebald)
4. Publications, Conference Presentations, Seminars, Visiting Scientists
4.1 Publications (published)
a. Refereed international journals
b. Conference proceedings
4.2 Publications (submitted, in press)
4.3 Presentations at scientific institutions and at congresses
4.4 Lectures and seminars at Bayerisches Geoinstitut
4.5 Scientific conferences organized by/with assistance of Bayerisches Geoinstitut
4.6 Visiting scientists
a. Visiting scientists funded by the Bayerisches Geoinstitut
b. Visiting scientists funded by EU-Projects
"Access to Large-Scale Facilities" and "Access to Research Infrastructures"
c. Visiting scientists supported by other external funded BGI projects
d. Visitors (externally funded)
4.7 Theses
4.8 Honours and awards
4.9 Editorship of scientific journals
4.10 Membership of scientific advisory bodies
4.11 Public relations and press reports
5. Scientific and Technical Personnel

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