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4.5 Scientific conferences organized by/with assistance of Bayerisches Geoinstitut

Sixth International Symposium on Experimental Mineralogy, Petrology and Geochemistry, Bayreuth, Germany (R. ANGEL, D.B. DINGWELL, S. KEYSSNER, R. KNOCHE, D.C. RUBIE, F. SEIFERT, T.G. SHARP, S.L. WEBB)
Symposium on "Modern methods for determining physical properties of minerals and rocks at high pressure and temperatures", at European Geophysical Society, 21st General Assembly, Den Haag, The Netherlands (R. ANGEL Co-convenor with Prof. HINZE, Giessen)
Metamorphic Studies Group meeting, Kingston, U.K. 'What drives metamorphism and metamorphic reactions: heat production, heat transfer, deformation and kinetics' (P.J. O'BRIEN, Co-organiser)
Scientific organisation and chair of 18th (international) Meeting of the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Discussion Group, Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker "Molecular and mesoscopic structures", Eichstätt, Germany (A. SEBALD)
the Geoinstitut participated in an " Open Day/Day of Research" held at the university to showcase ongoing research projects to the interested public and welcomed more than 70 visitors.

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